fear? really?

Somehow, I am not convinced with the fear theory everyone is talking about.

Yes, the Syrian intelligence security troops are very well known for their ruthlessness and disregard to any human values and rights.. and yes, history has hundreds of record to prove that..
but when you look at what is happening in Egypt, Iran, Libya, Yemen and Tunisia, we are talking about some of the most fierce regimes in the world.. Regimes that would dwarf the Syrians reputation in torture and disregard to human rights..

Still, citizens of those countries went out marching for their rights against their suppressors.. they defied bullets and imprisonment and bravely walked in the streets demanding their basic human rights, knowing that they might very well not go back to see their loved ones, families and friends.

So, it cannot be fear, if fear would have paralyzed anyone, it would have had its effect on Iranians and Libyans as well… so why on earth are Syrians still silent?

I would see the middle class being afraid for its precious little security and cultural gains (don’t judge me, I am middle class too).. and I could sort of try to understand merchants and traders content with the status quo.. their business has thrived within the Assads’ reign… but what about normal people? Those left without jobs, income, opportunities and future.. why don’t they match the streets asking for justice, when they see the fancy car and expensive homes that were taken away from them in their own city?

I really don’t understand!!

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