The revolution is alive

I almost forgot about this blog. it's funny to come back weeks later to see what you were writing and realize how much of an idiot you were for doubting the spirit of the great people of Syria. I should stop being so emotional.

so here we are now, 60 days since the revolution began.. 800 human casualties, 11000 detainee, and thousands of injured.. and a lot closer to what seems to be the bright light at the end of the tunnel..

I was right in doubting the left opposition though.. I was right and wrong at the same time...
Right: cos the demonstrations didn't come as a result of a call from Syrian opposition parties, and now, I am really thankful that the didn't.. cos that made the street movement a 100% popular revolution, no accusations of "western backing" (of course the Syrian official media says otherwise.. but who cares for them)...

and Wrong: cos when the time came and spokesperson were needed, the stood up to the occasion, and lent their well educated, elequent and respectable voices to support their people..

so Thank you Dr. Aref Dalila, Dr. Burhan Ghalioun, Dr. Samir Ayta, Hitham Maleh, Suheir Atasi, Dana Jawabra, Najati Tayara, Michel Kilo, Riyad Seif, Tuhama Maarouf, Louai Hussein, Riyad Al turk, and all of you who answered the media call and gave a voice to the amazing Syrian popular movement

and, Thank you my great people, the Syrian people.. you made me very proud to be Syrian again.. and brought hope in a better future

I leave with this video I made a few weeks ago.. the brave beginning of the revolution..

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